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My sob story....

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My sob story....

Post  MommaBear on Thu Sep 24, 2009 10:43 am

So DH is a gov’t contractor. He was notified back in July that his company would most likely not get the contract that he is currently working on but they assured him not to worry they would find another position for him. So a few months pass and contracts are all settled and his company did not get the contract but once again they are looking to fit him in other places they give no indication that he will be let go. At this point I think it doesn’t hurt to start looking for a position closer to home anyhow. So we look but not really actively pursuing anything. So suddenly yesterday when the CIO from his “family company” is supposed to be taking him to see the contractor who has gotten the contract and may hire him my dh asks “so are we parting ways whatever happens?” The guys says yes as of Oct. 1st and the people we are going to see are bidding to subcontract to the company who got the contract so they don’t have it yet. WTF? I feel as if we have just been screwed over. They could have given us warning in July when we could have been looking. So of course my first thought is…health insurance. Apparently his lovely CIO said yeah I can give you the COBRA info but it is expensive. No %&$!

So I tried calling my OBGYN to see if there is anyway they can fit me in before Oct 1st because we are losing insurance and I have no idea what the future holds…she says nope they already have a huge list and I have the earliest appt. which is Oct. 6th. Oh and of course they don’t accept the state insurance. So I feel as if I am in nasty holding pattern hoping I can help him find a new job in less than 7 days if not I have to find a new doctor and who knows when I will finally get an appointment. So I am trying not to focus on the “screwing over” and stay positive with “what can I do now” but it is really hard. I just need people to tell me it will be ok…it is just one of those rough times we all have, right?
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Re: My sob story....

Post  Lily*Blossom on Thu Sep 24, 2009 11:16 am

Mommabear, I am so sorry to hear this. Times are so tough. My husband was looking for a job for 6 months after he got laid of December 31st of last year. He kept getting the OVER qualified line. He is finishing his masters degree at the moment. So he's underqualified for big top dog positions in his field without his masters, and OVER qualified for entry level positions. It's been a nightmare. He finally went down to the nearest car dealership and he sells Honda's for the time being until he can graduate/find a career job, whichever comes first. He hates it, but it pays the bills.

It has been a long tough road. However, I pray that your hubby finds work soon. I'm so sorry about your insurance, that is awful. I know it's so hard to stay positive when you are facing not being able to pay bills. I hope you find another doctors office to get an appointment before your insurance is up.

His company should actually let him keep insurance for 30 days after his position actually ends..... you might want to look into it, I think it's some kind of law.

Hugs. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Re: My sob story....

Post  galaxy on Fri Sep 25, 2009 8:05 am

Momma, That sucks, I hope you find something. Makes me realise that we take healthcare for granted over here as we don't have the same issues with insurance etc, we just see anyone and of we're not happy we can see someone else. Let us know what happens!
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Re: My sob story....

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