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PLease Pray for QLD floods

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PLease Pray for QLD floods

Post  sparkles on Wed Jan 12, 2011 4:40 pm

Hi all
I am sure some of you have seen the news about the Floods that are devestating QLD, Australia
Well i live in Brisbane which is the capital of QLD which is 1/3 underwater at the moment ( 3/4 of of the state of QLD is classified a disater zone and Qld is a huge state) Luckily we live on the Bay not near any rivers so i am safe. However this is my city that is underwater all our main things like our museum, south bank parklands ( pools shops parks etc) our animals shelters, our sporting staduims, our malls the list goes on and on are flooded let alone thousands and thousands of homes. i libe about 1/2 hour from this devistation and it is heart breaking. Hubby went into town last night to help sand bag peoples homes before ther peak of the floods.
The most heartbreaking thing is that toowwoomba and surrounding areas ( which is about an hour away ) was hit with an inland tsunami the river rose 3 metres in 10 mins and they had no warning. it was awful, so far 13 people are dead and over 70 are still missing. I cant beleive how many areas are affected in QLD, 55 suburbs alone in Brisbane are affected let alone all the other town and cities in QLD like i said 3/4 of the entire state.
We are praying that all the missin gar found alive but things are loking grim as most are from the worst affected areas and it has now been days since the inland tsnami hit those places.
We need sun now and no more rain.
OUr dams ( water supplies) were at 17% for the last 5-10 years. ( drout)..... in 18 months they are now at 190% full, that is how much rain we have had lately they can not hold too much more than 200% so they have been having to let water out everyday, hence the rivers being even more full everywhere.
It is going to be a long recovery as this has effected all the farmers crops, meat animals plus others have been washed away, business are underwater etc.
Anyway i dont know if many people come on here anymore but if you read this please keep my home town in your thoughts
love to all xxooxox
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Part Of The Furniture

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Re: PLease Pray for QLD floods

Post  lindzee on Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:20 pm

Praying and thinking of everyone in that area for you Sparkles. xoxo
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