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Big ol' Man Bully (RANT)

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Big ol' Man Bully (RANT)

Post  BethG on Wed Apr 15, 2009 7:53 pm

As a professional woman, I get soooo annoyed with men who think they can bully women around. Had one today on the phone.

I think he was from an accounting firm, possibly another investment firm, but he was preparing a mutual client's tax return. He left messages last week for my boss (who was out of town), needing info on an investment sale, but I didn't know about the messages. Walking out the door Friday I get a message relayed to me but didn't call him back until Monday. Voice mail, left message including my name and number. No call back. Frankly, I don't worry about it.

Today, Wednesday April 15th, tax day, he calls me back this afternoon and promptly tries to give me attitude. When I asked what info he needed, "well you tell me, you made the sale." I give attitude (politely of course) back to him and reply the client had several sales in their account in 2008. Actually, I already know what specifically he's asking for but don't let him know that.

So he tells me what he needs. I tell him I have part of the information, and he promptly starts to give me grief about why my company doesn't have all of it. I interrupt him back "IF YOU LET ME FINISH....." and tell him the info I do have. More grief from him, more concise explanations from me, more grief from him, a slightly sarcastic retort from me ("Well I suppose if I go through ALL of the statements from 2007....."). More grief about why my boss wasn't available (kept calling him "that guy who went to Hawaii") and how he couldnt' get a hold of anyone. I reply I called back as soon as I got the message but didn't hear back from HIM. Gawd the man was exasperating.

But I refused to let the man get the better of me and bested his every complaint. Jackass. I told my boss what really bothers me is that the man probably would have had a much different conversation with my boss. He was the type of man who thought he could bully a woman around (he didn't succeed with me though!).

I had another experience like this when an attorney threatened me with legal action because I refused to give him a client's financial information over the phone. That guy shut up when I said I would gladly release the information once I had a written, signed, request from the client. Yeah, I had to tell an attorney about privacy laws.....

Anyway, just had to tell you all the BethG will not be bullied! But boy, I was sure fired up this afternoon about it! Tongue

Anyone else ever deal with this?
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Part Of The Furniture

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Re: Big ol' Man Bully (RANT)

Post  White Lily on Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:13 am

All the time Beth. In my office there is just 2 of us, me and another woman. The other woman I work with is a director of the company. It's amazing how many men call us and we just know they wouldn't have the same attitude if they were dealing with a man. Most of the time I find it funny, other times it drives me crazy!
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White Lily
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Re: Big ol' Man Bully (RANT)

Post  Angel on Fri Apr 17, 2009 1:03 pm

Go Bethy,So glad to see you dont take any crap.I sometimes enjoy those arguments.complete stranger calls with attitude+you in the right and able to prive them wrong =sarcastic satisfaction for you and a short shrift for the male caller!LOL G girl!xxx



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Re: Big ol' Man Bully (RANT)

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